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An overview of the new Computing curriculum

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On Monday I delivered a twilight session to primary and secondary colleagues from various schools and organisations on the new curriculum for Computing. The presentation delivered hopefully highlights the main changes to the new Programme of Study, with suggestions and activities that you can incorporate into your lessons as well as recommended resources and support to give you confidence to deliver the subject well. The main message from the evening was that although the shift now is towards an emphasis on Computer Science and the principles of computation (i.e. how computers work, programming, computational thinking), schools should still continue to teach the elements of IT and Digital Literacy (i.e. e-safety and being safe and responsible users of technology) that they already do well. Actually when you break it down it isn't all that scary and indeed many of the objectives can be met without even using technology in some cases and certainly without the need for a degree in computer science!

All colleagues left the sessions saying they now felt more confident in teaching computing from September with one stating "I now don't feel quite so scared in teaching computing as I was before tonight's session!"


Overview of the new Computing curriculum 2014 KS1 - KS4 from JEcomputing

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